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Short trips in the Banat

discover a hidden jewel-region, at slow pace

The region of Banat in south-western Romania (having Timişoara as main city) offers a typical central-European natural and cultural landscape, with a sensitive, meridional touch of the neighbouring Balkans. From the spectacular limestone cliffs of the Danube Gorge ("Iron Gates") in the south, to the wooden churches in the north, ancient monasteries in the plains and slow-paced peasant life in the secluded valleys of the Banat Mountains, the variety is surprising – and well beyond expectancy.

The region is extremely suitable for all kinds of travel: from short trips (one day or a week-end) to one-week tours, containing both cultural sightseeing as well as spots of natural interest (active tours, hiking). The Banat is virtually unknown to mass tourism, so the traveller discovers a piece of untouched old Europe, as only few still exist.

The trips in the Banat region are meant for:

  • business delegations / teams visiting a company in Timişoara for longer periods – the week-end trips in the surroundings will prove to be very rewarding surprises!
  • small groups of tourists curious to have an unspoiled travel experience, truly "off the beaten track"

You can have a glimpse of the Banat region by following the album here on the left; soon you'll find tour proposals bellow – until then, we are happy to arrange a customized tour for you.

swimming out of a cave, in the Danube's Gorge (Iron Gates) previous picture next picture

Coming out of a cave, by swimming? Well, of course!

The picture above might make you think that one must be downright sporty, in order to enjoy the Danube Gorge. Not at all. The cave is shaped like a tunnel, the lower end opens directly into the Danube – this is where we come with a boat, to pick up the "stranded" tourists (with our dog, Lulu...). On the other hand: the Banat has quite an astonishing wealth of caves; the oldest remains of Homo sapiens in Europe (belonging to a guy nicknamed "Ion", who lived some 40,000 years ago) were discovered in 2002 in the Banat Mountains, near Anina-Steierdorf.

Cerna Valley, a paradise for hiking and active tours simple "lunch" at the peasants, in a remote location in Cerna Valley Almaj lowland in southern Banat: spring has come
noblemen heraldic in the Banat lowland far cry of Viennese savoir vivre: the theater of Oravita winding in and through the mountains: the railway between Anina and Oravita The Iron Gates of the Danube, a true "must see" Iron Gates of the Danube, place of history and prehistory xxx

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