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City tours of Timişoara

guided walking tours
through a historic urban landscape

The main city of the Banat region is an intriguing mixture of old architecture and fast-modernising city life. Timişoara played a role in many European events, from the time of the Ottoman conquest, through the reign of Maria Theresia and up to the Romanian Revolution in December 1989, which started here and led to the fall of the communist dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu. Within our guided city tours you will discover tons of top-notch Art Nouveau, captivating history and a young, friendly atmosphere.

The city tours of Timişoara are ideal for:

  • business or professional travellers: from delegations / teams visiting a company in Timişoara, to people attending conferences or other events (we highly advice including a city tour into the event schedule!)
  • leisure travellers: included within round trips, or for city breaks
  • ... both categories as individuals or groups

You can watch the album of pictures on the left, or download our PDF-files on guided tours of Timisoara, bellow:

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The art is happening on the streets

A university centre with some 35,000 students, Timişoara hosts a young, dynamic cultural life. This is obvious during a visit of a city. There is a growing trend of opening the public spaces to art exhibitions and events of all kind – graffiti from world-famous artists are only a small part of the whole stream. There is still a lot to learn from the major cities in Western Europe, and cultural management has still a lot of space for improving, but Timişoara can not be considered a dull city, living only from the memories of a glorious past.

art collections, old or contemporary arts in Timisoara fancy street cafes, the city returning to European habits welcoming sweet break during the city tour pedestrian squares with splendid architecture car traffic, the Eastern European way: between hell and fun
xxx city tour of Timisoara: discover the Baroque of Timisoara's Habsburg past contemporary events, explained in the city tour: the Romanian Revolution of 1989 the fancy side of the history, within Art Nouveau monuments changed its outlook at the same time with Timisoara: the river Bega the past times of the Bega can still be read in the architecture of Timisoara xxx

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