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Special interest tours in Romania

from company trips to niche travel,
incentives and customized tours

The definition of "special interest tours" is not very clear, not even to travel industry professionals. We use it here in a very broad sense, meaning: travel packages which are not purely recreational holidays. Accordingly, there is a huge variety of special interest tours.

The type of travel arrangement needed depends a lot on the customers. Our main task is to put together types of services which are not standard in the travel industry, be it organizing a visit of a farm or arranging a meeting with stamp collectors.

There are two types of customers for the special interest tours:

  • company trips and incentives, in which the time alloted to the specific field (meetings, visits of factories or institutions a.s.o) versus the time alloted to sightseeing can differ greatly;
  • private groups, focused on a specific topic, many associations all over Europe organize yearly trips with the members, and have all kind of less usual requests; genealogy tours (visiting the places where the ancestors have lived) is also an interesting example.

There album on the right side of the page shows some examples of special interest tours; of course, the possibilities are endless – direct requests and close cooperation in the planning stage are vital into developing the adequate travel package.

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photo: tymes tours

Film crew working for a documentary

A British film crew from Icon Films shoot in the southern Banat region for a documentary about the famous English traveller and writer, Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor (on our contact page you can find more on this topic). This is a typical example of professional travel service where the logistics play a key role. In the picture above, the cameraman films the "Tabula Traiana", a Roman inscription in stone, on the southern shore of the Danube (in Serbia, in fact), in the Iron Gates of the Danube.

team from Austria on a company trip, cruise in the Danube's Gorge team building on the shore of the Danube, Iron Gates genealogical tourism, looking for grandfather's tombstone looking for genealogy in church papers searching for rare insects, Rosalia alpina in Cerna Valley
xxx visiting farms in the Banat farm tour in the Banat, the bus stays off the facilities xxx

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