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Sightseeing tours in Romania

round trips, group travel with focus on
culture, land and people

Romania: history, monuments, but also a sort of genuine naturalness. The dramatic past, as well as the traces of different people and cultures ensure a rich basket of captivating places. After 2005 we have noticed a growth of the sightseeing travel of all sorts in Romania – and hence the significant improvements of the infrastructure. The other side of the coin: an increase of mass tourism "industry". We consciously avoid this, so our guests can sample first-hand experiences about Romania and its people.

Our sightseeing tours are almost exclusively customized tours. Past experiences with round trips and cultural tours help already with the planning and preparation stage. We recommend: small groups (up to 20 guests), with focus on smaller areas (instead of the whole country) and not visiting xx must-see sites per day; it is advisable to include time for exploring and meeting local people, such minor things will eventually become lasting memories.

The customers of our sightseeing tours are tour operators, travel agents but also (directly) private groups of guests (associations etc.). Starting from a direct request we can arrange together the matching tour package for you or your customers.

You can understand more about the substance of our sightseeing tours and round trips by watching the album on the right side of the page.

fortress church Kleinschelken, talking with Saxons from Transylvania previous picture next picture

photo: tymes tours

The Saxons of Transylvania and their fortress-churches

The Germans of Transylvania – the "Transylvanian Saxons" and their heritage of monuments, are important within the round trips of Romania. But there are not many Saxons left here after the big exodus in the early 1990's. In our tours of Transylvania we visit some of the impressive Saxon "fortress-churches", like the one in the picture above, in the village Şeica Mică (Kleinschelken). Mister Draser, one of the remaining Saxons, explains with a lot of passion the history of the village and his people. After the visit, we'll have a simple wine tasting at the former Lutheran parish house; Kleinschelken was one renowned for its good wines.

bacon in the "bacon tower", Transylvania meal at the gypsies, the ignored minority guests from China relax after city tour of Sibiu the "People's House" sightseeing in Bucharest Brancoveanu-style, post-Byzantine carving in Wallachia
xxx Voronet monastery with its paintings, visited within a round trip of Romania painted eggs, art and tradition in the Bucovina Jewish cemetery, history in our round trips pleasure from music, peasant singing in the Maramures xxx

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