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Active tours in Romania

hiking in the Carpathians, trekking, nature tours

The mountains of Romania – the Carpathians, are famous as being a truly natural landscape, like very few others in Europe. On the other hand, in the mountain villages the traveller still encounters living traditions, perpetuated by friendly locals. Also, many sites of cultural significance (valuable monuments, some even belonging to the UNESCO-heritage) lie at the foothills of the Carpathians.

Basically, we organize three types of active tours:

  • Hiking & Culture, in comfort: daily hikes (easy or middle-level), with many cultural highlights (visits) in between.
  • Hiking and Trekking, mostly comfort: a bit harder, sometimes 2-3 days with backpack; cultural sightseeing mostly at the beginning or end of the trip.
  • Wild-Trekking: with the whole logistics on our back or on horse, in mountain areas with little to no infrastructure at all.

The hiking and trekking tours from Tymes Tours don't focus on athletic goals; an average physical condition will do just fine, in most cases. Flexibility and team spirit matter most. Accurate descriptions of the physical challenges is given for each of our tours – please see bellow (down the page).

Our tour packages for hiking in Romania are listed here bellow (down this page). Most of our tours are sold through reliable partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We can also arrange customized active trips at any time, for already existing groups (nature clubs, clubs for hiking and trekking etc.).

We are currently (2014-2015) looking for partners – agents and tour operators – in the UK..

wilderness near the road, in Bicaz Gorge previous picture next picture

photo: tymes tours

Paradise: only quarter of an hour from the asphalted road

One can reach very easily the most beautiful point of the Bicăjel Gorge: only some 15 Minutes from the national road which goes through the larger sister-gorge: Bicaz Gorge (Bicăjel is diminutive form for Bicaz). But: in the Bicaz Gorge there are hundreds (sometimes thousands) of tourists crowding around a so-called "market of folks crafts", most of the items being, in fact, cheap stuff made in China. While here, not far from the crowds and the buses, one can only hear the streaming waters of Bicăjel.

logistics for hiking trips, sweet reward after hike animals on our hiking tours, not for shows hiking with all senses engaged, wild orchids on Cerna Valley
xxx Trekking in Fagaras Mts., Transylvania the traditional side of Romania, in the Carpathians cooking snails, on a trekking tour in Banat Mountains Trekking in the Banat, abandoned railway bridge Iron Gates of the Danube, hiking tour on Trescovat Mountain xxx

Wild Tulips and Orchids at the Iron Gates of the Danube / late April

meals at locals are part of the hiking in Romania the most spectacular views along the Danube, in the Iron Gates Orchis simia, a rare orchid in the Carpathians

The perfect active spring getaway! Never heard of Orchis simia or Tulipa hungarica? Nevermind! While searching for them we discover spectacular sceneries at the "Iron Gates" (longest river gorge in Europe) and in the Cerna Valley. We pay home visits to the locals and taste their food and drinks. The intricate past of the Banat region is revealed by many visits (Timisoara, Herculane, Oravita, villages) with in-depth explanations, covering topics from the Romans to the Art Nouveau heritage and to the Communist past.
Logistics: comfort || Outdoor: easy to intermediate hikes || Culture: relatively many visits.
[ Tour description (PDF file, 1.63MB) ... ]

Wild Orchids at the Iron Gates of the Danube – hiking tour in Romania's secret garden / late May

painting in a wooden church, Banat, Romania Ohrys orchids in the Iron Gates of the Danube hiking to the "Lost World" of Cerna Valley, Romania

Similar to the tour above, only it takes place a bit later in the year – so, the orchid lovers will find other species to enjoy. Another difference: we spend two days hiking between wooden churches, on wonderful meadows, in a very little known corner of Romania. Next we move south to the more rocky landscapes in Cerna Valley and the Iron Gates of the Danube, just like in the "tulip tour". Sceneries are just as much in focus as history is – Banat region's Habsburg past allows interesting views into the European history.
Logistics: comfort || Outdoor: easy to intermediate hikes || Culture: relatively many visits.
[ Tour description (PDF file, 1.52MB) ... ]

From Transylvania into the Danube Delta / May to July

dwellings of hermit monks, in Wallachia paddling in the Danube Delta the Dalmatian pelican, one of the 300 species of birds in the Delta

We combine some of Romania's finest highlights into this active trip: Transylvania, the Carpathians and lots of Danube Delta. And we don't hurry up: we hike on an old merchants' road of the Transylvanian Saxons, discover dwellings of ancient monks in the forests of Wallachia, cheer up with some Wallachian wine and then paddle steadily on the Delta's narrow canals, right to the Black Sea.
Logistics: comfort & genuine homestays || Outdoor: easy hikes & paddling || Culture: many visits.
[ Tour description (PDF file, 1.40MB) ... ]

Rediscovery of the Southern Carpathians - Retezat Mountains, Cerna Valley and the Iron Gates of the Danube

visit of the ancient church in Densus, Transylvania shepherd on alpine pastures of Retezat Mountains city tour in Timisoara, street art

The area is virtually unknown for tourism; and yet, we've been organizing this tour since eight years now and the guests are always enthusiastic. The tour comprises three national parks, with stunningly different landscapes: the Retezat with alpine scenery, Cerna Valley with karst and (very) remote hamlets and, finally, the Danube area (the "Iron Gates") where the big river cuts deep into the mountain range. Cultural highlights: Hunedoara castle, ancient church of Densuş, "Herkulesbad" – the spa resort of the Habsburgs, the small jewel-theatre of Oraviţa and the big city Timişoara, with its loads of Art Nouveau.
Logistics: comfort || Outdoor: daily hikes, intermediate level || Culture: relatively many visits.
[ Tour description (PDF file, 1.03MB) ... ]

Trekking in the "Lost World": Cerna Valley

hiking in virgin forests, in Cerna Valley limestone wilderness in the Carpathians simple life in the hamlets of Cerna Valley

The spectacular wild beauty of the Cerna Valley combines rough mountain sceneries with tiny, isolated (and dying!) hamlets. Even most Romanians have no clues, that this type of landscapes still survive in the country. Our trekking tour, placed in one of the largest national parks of Romania, opens access to this "lost world". Special care has been taken about the logistics – we ensure decent conditions in these very remote areas of the Carpathians.
Logistics: tent camps with washing facilities || Outdoor: intermediate (mid-level) daily hikes || Culture: remote area with scattered tracks of history.
[ Tour description (PDF file, 1.60MB) ... ]

Enchanting Walks in Transylvania – sightseeing and easy hiking in "the land beyond the forest"

sightseeing in Sibiu, old town in Transylvania perfect for hiking, the verdant countryside of Transylvania medieval heritage of Transylvania

The tour focuses on the cultural landscape of southern and central Transylvania, an area which was home, to not so long ago, to the ethnic group called "Transylvanian Saxons". We discover their heritage through visits in cities and villages, but also walks and hiking in this scenery of gently rolling hills – but we'll also reach the Carpathians with a more vigorous mountain landscape. Within this journey we meet many locals and have the chance to immerse in the spiritual substance of Transylvania.
Logistics: comfort || Outdoor: intermediate (mid-level) hiking || Culture: many visits.
[ Tour description (PDF file, 1.46MB) ... ]

Trekking in the Transylvanian Alps: Făgăraş Mountains, Piatra Craiului and Saxon heritage

Fagaras Mountains, trekking on the main ridge Hiking on "King's Stone", Piatra Craiului visit of Sibiu in Transylvania, Gothic monuments

This active tour combines trekking on the main ridge of the Fagaras Mountains (highest in Romania) with a few days of hiking in the spectacular Piatra Craiului ("King's Stone" a very steep limestone ridge). The cultural sites don't come short, with focus on the Saxon heritage: Sibiu, Brasov, Sighisoara and some famous fortress-churches of the Transylvanian Saxons, plus a detour into Wallachia, to visit a precious Orthodox monastery.
Logistics: mostly comfort, also 2x simple mountain lodges || Outdoor: rather advanced hikes (details in pdf), Trekking || Culture: many visits at beginning and end of the tour.
[ Tour description (PDF file, 1.32MB) ... ]

Maramures and Bucovina – sightseeing and easy hikes in famous regions

steam locomotive, narrow gauge train in Vaser Valley, Maramures wooden church in the village Ieud, Maramures fresco, painted monasteries of Bucovina, Moldavia

The two regions in northern Romania are famous destinations for cultural sightseeing: the steep-roofed wooden churches in the Maramureş, as well as the colourful monasteries with outer paintings (frescoes) in the Bucovina; most of these monuments are included on the UNESCO-list of World Heritage. We combine the visits with easy hiking: mild mountains, covered with bucolic meadows as well as old forests (fir and beech). Accommodation mostly in villages, which allows a thorough look into countryside.
Logistics: comfort & genuine homestays || Outdoor: easy hikes || Culture: many visits.
[ Tour description (PDF file, 1.88MB) ... ]

Home visit to "The Last Peasants" in Maramures – easy hiking, with local people in foreground

countryside in Maramures cultural landscape in Maramures "Merry Cemetery" in Săpânța, Maramureș

This shorter trip (8 days) covers in-depth the region of Maramures – an interesting cultural landscape, the "Old Europe" which is hard to find nowadays. Everything in the villages still revolves about the basic needs of life: food, shelter but also birth, marriage, death. We also have the chance to see how the new, modern way of life finds its way in these traditional village communities, and how much of the archaic lifestyle still survives despite brand new cars and high-speed internet. People are friendly and open to the travellers, they actually come to the foreground more than in any other of our trips.
Logistics: comfort & genuine homestays || Outdoor: easy hikes || Culture: many visits.
[ Tour description (PDF file, 1.31MB) ... ]

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