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Photo album: March – April – Mai 2012
Nature in spring in the Banat region
"Explore the Carpathian garden"

A pale-yellow orchid
(Orchis pallens)

a pale-yellow orchid, Orchis pallens ramsons in the Beusnita Valley March 2012, Beusnita Waterfalls, Cascadele Beuşniţei Nature, but also culture: the theatre in Oraviţa, Orawitza history of the Banat Highlands, catholic church of Oravita Dubeşti, a small village in the Banat hills punishment for the sinners, in the wooden church of Dubesti snake's head fritillary in the Bega river meadow landscape at the waterfalls of Beusnita Beusnita Waterfalls in mid-April a beetle in the Beu Valley old beech forest in the valley of Beusnita alpine newt, Ichthyosaura alpestris a pale-yellow orchid, Orchis pallens Orchis simia, a rare guest from the Mediterranean area Tulipa hungarica, an endemic species of the Iron Gates of the Danube "swallowtail" butterfly on the meadow with Orchis simia the Danube at the "Big Cauldrons" "burning-bush" in the Banat Highland Banat black pine, the pride of the Cerna Valley limestone ridges in the central area of the Cerna Valley isolated peasant household on Cerna Valley one of the last residents of the Mehedinti Mts. the central area of the Iron Gates of the Danube Iris reichenbachii on limestone rocks, above the Danube wild poppy on Danube's shore fossils of ammonites in the Iron Gates of the Danube tortoise in the mating season butterfly Euchloe ausonia on Onobrychis Orchis papilionacea, a rare species of wild orchids the Carpathian garden

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