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Photo album: March 2012
Info-trip through the DKMT-Euroregion, route for wine and gastronomy

Fish dishes in Moldova Noua, on the shore of the Danube

The county of Caraş-Severin was also involved in the project. This county covers the mountain area of the Banat, the "Banat Highland" (Banatul Montan) and extends south till the Danube Gorge – the Iron Gates of the Danube. Of course, having a river which, in places, reaches 4 kilometres in width, the region has fish dishes as main feature. The restaurants there are pretty basic (the region is not very developed yet), but the fish dishes can sometimes be surprisingly good.

This "fishy" side of the regional cuisine is often overlooked, since the Austrians have left a deep central-european mark in the gastronomy, with the pork meat as main ingredient. But we have here plenty of big rivers (the Danube, the Tisa / Tisza, the Mureş / Máros) and very many of the middle-sized ones. On the other hand, the Orthodox religion encourages the consumption of fish over pork meat.

fish dishes in Moldova Noua, on the shore of the Danube winery Petro Vaselo wine tasting in Petrovaselo tasting a rosé sparkling wine countryside of the Banat, Petrovaselo village huge wine tanks in Recaş / Rekasch nice hall for wine tasting in Recaş wine shop in Recaş Restaurant in Bazoşu Nou, game meal top-notch dessert in Bazoşu Nou wine cellar "Enoteca de Savoya" in Timisoara the "Enomatic" at "de Savoya" wine cellar "Timişoreana", local beer brand in Timisoara fish dishes in Moldova Noua, on the shore of the Danube pikeperch from the Danube, at the Iron Gates (Danube's Gorge) Burgunder-wine in Pâncota visit at Elite Wine the mammoth treess from the vineyard of Măderat good wines and good food at the Birăuaş mannor good wines and good food at the Birăuaş mannor the best place for wine and good dishes in the Arad area, at Tudös Géza's the legendary wine cellar of Tudös Géza pigs of the Mangalitsa breed in Hungary wine cellar in the sandy part of the puszta-plain, at Pusztamérges goes well with wine tasting: bread with lard, with onion and paprika Paprika Park in Röszke museum of "Pick" saussage in Szeged

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