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Photo album: March 2012
High season for city tours in Timisoara

Explanations on the map of the fortress Timisoara

For this big group from Continental we've managed to realise a large map (banner-like) showing the map of the Habsburg fortress of Timisoara. This is useful, since the entire network of streets and squares in the central area of Timisoara is inherited from the period, when there were fortress walls surrounding the downtown – this is the reason why this district is called "Cetate" (citadel) even today. Many details are visible on this map and, even if the details are less important for the guests (as the whole group only had 1,5 hours at disposal for this city tour), the map still gains a sense of feeling of the "real history" of the place. They understand the surprising continuity between the fortress built by the Habsburg emperors and the nowadays downtown ("citadel" or "inner city") of Timisoara.

This visual help (the map of the fortress) also proved useful considering how mixed the group was: the guests came from several continents. One must bear in mind that historical events well-known to most Europeans, are still a big mystery to the guests coming from America and Asia (and in this group there were, in deed, several people from China, India and the U.S.). More than that, these people had a day of intense labour behind them, so the guide had to take it easy with the details, but still stay focused on the topics of Timisoara's history and monuments.

explanations on the map of the fortress Timisoara February 2012: hard winter conditions in Timisoara, Romania beginning of March, snow melting in the Union Square, Piata Unirii in Timisoara March 2012, magnolias blossom in Timisoara, time for city tours, walking tours city tour of Timisoara with the British ambassador from Bucharest city tour of Timisoara, the British ambassador shows interest in Art Nouveau city tour for the German "Continental" factory of Timisoara explanations on the map of the fortress Timisoara the old fortress of "Temeswar" is an important topic in the city tours of Timisoara a cat enjoying the weather in Oravita, in the Banat Highland a cat enjoying the weather in Oravita, in the Banat Highland

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