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Photo album: March 2012
High season for city tours in Timisoara

A city tour with a larger group, behind the "Continental" Hotel

Just on the same day with the visit of the British ambassador, we had yet another city tour. This time it was a large group of people which were visiting the "Continental" tire factory of Timisoara (the German company Continental has opened a several factories in the main city of the Banat region, among which is this large tire plant).

So, this was a normal, walking tour through the downtown of Timisoara. But there were 65 participants, so we found it suitable to split the group in two; in smaller groups (and with two guides) the guests could win much more information from the tour. The beginning was at Hotel Continental (the same name with that of the company is pure coincidence), in the very heart of the city.

city tour for the German "Continental" factory of Timisoara February 2012: hard winter conditions in Timisoara, Romania beginning of March, snow melting in the Union Square, Piata Unirii in Timisoara March 2012, magnolias blossom in Timisoara, time for city tours, walking tours city tour of Timisoara with the British ambassador from Bucharest city tour of Timisoara, the British ambassador shows interest in Art Nouveau city tour for the German "Continental" factory of Timisoara explanations on the map of the fortress Timisoara the old fortress of "Temeswar" is an important topic in the city tours of Timisoara a cat enjoying the weather in Oravita, in the Banat Highland a cat enjoying the weather in Oravita, in the Banat Highland

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