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Photo album: March 2012
High season for city tours in Timisoara

City tour of Timisoara for His Excellency Martin Harris, the British Ambassador

The city hall of Timisoara asked us, weather we can provide a guide for the visit of the British ambassador from Bucharest, scheduled for March, 21st. We managed somehow to make room for this city tour in the already tight agenda.

But this was not an ordinary city tour – not a walking tour, at least. Because of security issues (or, rather, fears), the visit was supposed to take place by moving around with an old, "historical" tramway – a rather ancient piece of technique, not very comfortable. Other disadvantages: the route was fixed (we had to stay on the tracks, right?), bringing us to many dusty parts of the city; also, even if we saw something worth visiting, there was no possibility of stopping to take a closer look. But the plans were already drawn, and the staff of the Embassy was fine with them – so we just had to manage, to make the best out of them. Our task was more than simple: tell the story of the places we were driving through. On the other hand, His Excellency Martin Harris, the British ambassador, speaks Romanian surprisingly well, and this made our work of story-telling even easier. The warm and cloudless afternoon was just perfect, and this made some of the details (some houses with decayed facades a.s.o.) less disturbing. Timisoara is well worth seeing even with such "imperfections", and, in the end, this seemed to be the ambassador's conclusion, as well. His Excellency was in a very positive mood, very communicative and showed a remarkable knowledge in architecture and history.

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