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Photo album: March 2012
High season for city tours in Timisoara

"Spring's awakening" in Timişoara?!
Not really...

The winter 2011-2012 evolved normally, almost milder than usually – that is, till February arrived. A mass of polar air hit Timisoara, also bringing lots of snow; we couldn't remember ever seeing so much snow in our city, like we had in February 2012. The positive thing about the snow: under the thick layer the +/- exotic plant species, which are typical of the image of Timisoara, survived well – we even saw young palm trees, completely covered with snow, surviving the temperatures of -22 degrees Celsius.

The funny thing about the image on the left ist the advertisment for the theatre show: "Deşteptarea primăverii" means something like "Spring's Awakening". There was no trace of it till March came...

Of course, under these icy conditions the whole issue with the city tours and walking tours was next to non-existent; we could barely walk the dog. In a city were fig trees grow and ripe well, people are not accustomed to 20 bellow zero. Most people spent their time in their homes, in front of the TV-sets – where the politicians kept them busy with plenty of "shows", as usually.

February 2012: hard winter conditions in Timisoara, Romania February 2012: hard winter conditions in Timisoara, Romania beginning of March, snow melting in the Union Square, Piata Unirii in Timisoara March 2012, magnolias blossom in Timisoara, time for city tours, walking tours city tour of Timisoara with the British ambassador from Bucharest city tour of Timisoara, the British ambassador shows interest in Art Nouveau city tour for the German "Continental" factory of Timisoara explanations on the map of the fortress Timisoara the old fortress of "Temeswar" is an important topic in the city tours of Timisoara a cat enjoying the weather in Oravita, in the Banat Highland a cat enjoying the weather in Oravita, in the Banat Highland

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