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Photo album: November 2011
Calender 2012 with pictures of the Art Nouveau (Jugendstil, Secession) in Timişoara / Temeswar

June 2012, Wellauer House

Pretty many details are known about the house where this door latch stands – even if some of the informations are contradicting each other. The Wellauer house hosted briefly, in two rooms, the collections of Timişoara's first museum, forerunner of the nowadays Banat Museum. The building then entered major refurbishing works, lasting from 1887 till 1889 (1891?) and having the purpose to create a dedicated museum space; it seems that the architect conducting the redesigning was Jakob Klein. From this period we have the statue of Minerva in a niche of the facade, as well as the elegant wrought iron work: the railing of the stairs, the decorations on the gate, the lanterns a.s.o. Meanwhile the value of the collections skyrocketed through the reception of Òrmos Zsigmond's substantial art collection. Several sources mention that the architectural style of the refurbished building was "German Renaissance", we think that it is rather a historicism with some neo-Renaissance features, fairly common in the second half of the XIX-th century. At that point of time the style of the 1900s has not appeared yet, but it was about to pop out the artistic melting pots of the Western Europe. But things are not clear with this door latch: who made it? – and when? For the first question there is a limited pool of answers, because the monograph of the ex-mayor Geml mentions all of the iron artists and locksmiths of the city for that time (that is, if the author was from Timişoara). However, the moment when the small but elegant detail was created is less obvious. We have in Timisoara many door locks and latches from the last two decades of the XIX-th century, but they look anything but similar. Our item must have been created in the first years after 1900. We must mention though that the motive of the swan head (out of wrought iron) can be traced in many places in the former museum, and probably this ornaments where most probably cast during the major refurbishing, in deed. As such, we find that the most likely explanation is that somebody (a certain somebody with an obsession for details) took care that the delicate latch be installed here by following the already existing motive of the swan head, some one or two decades after the overall redesign of the building.

In the autumn of 2011 we realised a calendar aimed at presenting the astonishing heritage of Timisoara to the world. Our pictures show special buildings and monuments from special angles – we want to open new perspectives to the history of Timisoara. On the page of each month we have a large picture of a detail of the Art Nouveau architecture of Timisoara; this architecture is also known as Jugendstil or Secession (the last name is very popular in our town) or, plainly, "style 1900", and makes up an important part of our city tours of Timisoara. On the back side of each month's page there's more information about the depicted monument – now you can read that info here in this photo album.

The calender were aimed to be gifts to our friends, customers and guests. In the meantime we have already started working for the calendar 2013!

Wellauer House in the Inner City district, Timisoara beginning of the photo album Anheuer Palais in the Fabric city district, Timisoara Karl Kunz Palais in the Fabric city district, Timisoara the old "Parkstraßenbrücke", now Decebal-Bridge, Timisoara Stefanie Palais in the Fabric city district, Timisoara the "Turbines", old hydropower plant of Timisoara Wellauer House in the Inner City district, Timisoara Lloyd Palais in the Inner City district, Timisoara stained glass of the former catholic seminar, Timisoara Hitel Bank in the Inner City district, Timisoara the "Peacock-House" of Romulus Nicolin in der Elisabetin district of Timisoara tombstone, graveyard of the Fabric district, Timisoara Escompte Bank in the Inner City district, Timisoara

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