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Photo album: November 2011
Calender 2012 with pictures of the Art Nouveau (Jugendstil, Secession) in Timişoara / Temeswar

Mai 2012, the "Turbines"

The new artistic style of the 1900's penetrated deep into the community, and the houses of the bourgeoisie were by far not the only items affected by it. Some industrial or infrastructural facilities, now forgotten at the outskirts of the city, still stand as a proof for the statement above. Best example is the hydropower plant of the city, also known as "the turbines". Two private companies already brought up separate projects for such a facility in 1900, and 1902 the city engineer Szilárd Emil designed a much larger project, which also comprised a multitude of regulation works of the Bega river (and its countless branches). However, due to administrative issues (transfers of ownership), works started as late as the autumn of 1907, lasting till 1910. In his book "Alt-Temeswar", ex-mayor Geml praised Szilárd's work with this project, as well as within the larger process of modernizing the urban infrastructure in the early XX-th century. Szilárd's essential contribution is all too seldom mentioned today, while it's architect Székely the one being surnamed "creator of modern Timişoara". The reason for this may be the visual impact of the work Székely, set "en plain air" (elegant buildings), while Szilárd left us tenths of kilometers of pipelines and other vital (but less visible) infrastructure for the fast expanding city. Even at the "turbines" which are, by all means, mostly a masterpiece of Szilárd, it is Székely's creation the one which people notice: he planned the architecture, down to the smallest details. The resulting monument has functionality in the key position, however not lacking discrete touches of Secession which underline, in an interesting manner, the purpose of the facility. The heads of some marine creatures ornate the pillars between the water expulsion canals (this is related to the water environment, of course), while the city's coat of arms on the western (main) facade shows without doubt who the owner was – and still is. It is difficult to compare today the overall work of Székely László with the ones of other contemporary architects; since he became chief-architect of the city in 1903, but also had a private company for architectural designs, none of his competitors acquired so many projects. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning at least some of those other skilled architects who "created modern Timişoara": Arnold Merbl, Leopold Löffler, Martin Gemeinhardt (they were all inhabitants of the city), as well as Lipót (Leopold) Baumhorn, Alexander Baumgarten, Alpár Ignaz (Ignác) and others who planed some of Timişoara's buildings, but lived elsewhere.

In the autumn of 2011 we realised a calendar aimed at presenting the astonishing heritage of Timisoara to the world. Our pictures show special buildings and monuments from special angles – we want to open new perspectives to the history of Timisoara. On the page of each month we have a large picture of a detail of the Art Nouveau architecture of Timisoara; this architecture is also known as Jugendstil or Secession (the last name is very popular in our town) or, plainly, "style 1900", and makes up an important part of our city tours of Timisoara. On the back side of each month's page there's more information about the depicted monument – now you can read that info here in this photo album.

The calender were aimed to be gifts to our friends, customers and guests. In the meantime we have already started working for the calendar 2013!

the "Turbines", old hydropower plant of Timisoara beginning of the photo album Anheuer Palais in the Fabric city district, Timisoara Karl Kunz Palais in the Fabric city district, Timisoara the old "Parkstraßenbrücke", now Decebal-Bridge, Timisoara Stefanie Palais in the Fabric city district, Timisoara the "Turbines", old hydropower plant of Timisoara Wellauer House in the Inner City district, Timisoara Lloyd Palais in the Inner City district, Timisoara stained glass of the former catholic seminar, Timisoara Hitel Bank in the Inner City district, Timisoara the "Peacock-House" of Romulus Nicolin in der Elisabetin district of Timisoara tombstone, graveyard of the Fabric district, Timisoara Escompte Bank in the Inner City district, Timisoara

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