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Photo album: November 2011
Calender 2012 with pictures of the Art Nouveau (Jugendstil, Secession) in Timişoara / Temeswar

February 2012, Karl Kunz Palais

Near the Anheuer Palais we find one of the several properties of the wealthy Kunz family. Another member of them, Josef Kunz, also had a building in the area – already since 1892. The Karl Kunz palais was built between 1902-1903, probably by the plans of Fodor Gábor (we can judge this by comparison to similar buildings of his, in the Mocioni Sq.). The house lies at a minor junction, so we can notice here one of the almost obsessive features of the style of the 1900s: the special attention granted to the corners (at crossroads). This corner has a rounded shape and is decorated with feminine representations at the first floor. Sadly, most of the former artistic elements of the corner are gone: the four large statues at the second floor, the lion on the gable, as well as the floral wreaths of the balcony. But the staircase is very well preserved and typical for the period: tiled floor (tiles with geometrical design), the railing of the stairs made out of wrought iron having intricated "coup de fouet" curved lines, the simple, but tasteful windows with colored glass; the entry hallway is lavishly decorated. On the other hand, there is a special mention of this whole city neighborhood. We find ourselves in Timişoara's "Fabric" district, in the very heart of one of the best preserved complex of architecture in the style of the 1900s in Europe. To this site belong: the Decebal bridge, the park (with its fence, the two monumental entrances and the front side of the former movie theater) and the row of two-story houses on the northern side of the boulevard. They were all built on the space which became available after the radical changes of Timişoara at the beginning of the XX-th century: the de-fortification (demolition of fortress' walls) and regularization of the river Bega in the Fabric district. The area had been previously part of the "terra non-aedificandi", the stripe of land where no constructions had been allowed, out of military (strategical) reasons. Hence, for a long time, the area was almost deserted, only some natural side-branches of the Bega made a disruption to the flat terrain; one of this branches passed right before the synagogue. When the construction of the palaces began, this branch was still active, passing by the eastern end of the row. This facts of the beginning of the XXth century can still be traced today on the upper side of the house no. 9 (palais of Steiner Miksa, 1902), where the tip of a ship is "coming out" of the facade.

In the autumn of 2011 we realised a calendar aimed at presenting the astonishing heritage of Timisoara to the world. Our pictures show special buildings and monuments from special angles – we want to open new perspectives to the history of Timisoara. On the page of each month we have a large picture of a detail of the Art Nouveau architecture of Timisoara; this architecture is also known as Jugendstil or Secession (the last name is very popular in our town) or, plainly, "style 1900", and makes up an important part of our city tours of Timisoara. On the back side of each month's page there's more information about the depicted monument – now you can read that info here in this photo album.

The calender were aimed to be gifts to our friends, customers and guests. In the meantime we have already started working for the calendar 2013!

Karl Kunz Palais in the Fabric city district, Timisoara beginning of the photo album Anheuer Palais in the Fabric city district, Timisoara Karl Kunz Palais in the Fabric city district, Timisoara the old "Parkstraßenbrücke", now Decebal-Bridge, Timisoara Stefanie Palais in the Fabric city district, Timisoara the "Turbines", old hydropower plant of Timisoara Wellauer House in the Inner City district, Timisoara Lloyd Palais in the Inner City district, Timisoara stained glass of the former catholic seminar, Timisoara Hitel Bank in the Inner City district, Timisoara the "Peacock-House" of Romulus Nicolin in der Elisabetin district of Timisoara tombstone, graveyard of the Fabric district, Timisoara Escompte Bank in the Inner City district, Timisoara

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