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Photo album: November 2011
Logistics (organising)
for an event of the Timiş County Council

The cellars from Recaş are ready for the wine tasting

The former (larger) village of Recas, granted the status of a town a few years ago, is probably the best-known wine growing settlement of the Banat region. The town has a very mixed population from the ethnic point of view, with Romanians (now large majority), Hungarians, Roma, Germans and Croatians living together. Toward north Recaş is bordered by a row of mild hills; the southern slopes of these hills proved to be ideal for vineyards already in the Middle Age. After the Revolution of 1989 an English investor put his money into the wine-making business, and now Recaş is living up again to its best wine traditions.

It's already pretty customary for the important events (conferences and such) taking place in Timisoara to be crowned with a feast in Recaş (wine-tasting included). This is what we have organized for the participants of the County Council's meeting: a wine tasting followed right away by the dinner, at the same spot – in the wine cellars.

wine tastimg in Recas citytour for the County Council, at the Maria-Theresia-Bastion in Timisoara wine tastimg in Recas wine tastimg in Recas

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